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Your business-to-business resource-planning tool
eBudget® is an innovative business-to-business enterprise-wide resource management solution. What you'll find:

  • resource management and planning capabilities, combined with
  • an Internet-based forum for locating company web sites that offer products and services your company needs, and
  • support for your marketing efforts to help you target companies that need your products and services.

Register your company with the eBudget database now. eBudget is secure, confidential, and easy to use.



Put the Power of eBudget on Your Company’s Intranet!
Let My eBudget, an enterprise-wide planning software package, help you develop a plan to accomplish your business objectives.
My eBudget integrates the capabilities of into the daily operations of your company. It's an easy and efficient approach to organizing resource requirements and marketing initiatives across various departments, including human resources, operations, marketing, material planning, and e-commerce. See My eBudget for more details.



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